Who’s Music is Best?

My generation says our late 80’s and early 90’s music was the best.  The generation before us said their 80’s hairband music was the best.  The generation before them says their 70’s hippie music was the best.  Just think…this generation now is going to look back 10 years from now and say their music was the best.  What a damn shame!

Have you heard the music on the radio nowadays?  Straight garbage.  I don’t think artists are even trying anymore.  I don’t even feel comfortable calling these cornballs artists in the first place with the hot trash they put out.  And they probably don’t even care.

And it’s not just the artists.  The consumers are about as dumb as rocks too for listening to it and claiming it as good music.  I already feel bad for this generation and the generation after because the quality of society is extremely anti-social and awful in general.  Throw in this horrible music and it will continue the trend downhill.

There are clearly some exceptions though i.e. Ed Sheeran, Maren Morris, Chris Stapleton (people who actually write their own music).  Any artist that begins with “DJ” is most likely awful.  DJ Khaled gets an exemption because that dude is funny!

I won’t deny that the generations before me were awesome musically, when the artistry was pure and creative and touching.  Now it’s touching…like needled touching eyeballs.  That’s what I feel when I hear these horrible lyrics and stupid song melodies.  It’s not about the art anymore!

I hardly even listen to the radio anymore any way.  Occasionally if my brain is malfunctioning I’ll turn on a station playing “today’s hits” and find a gem.  But more often than not I am just listening to mindless chord progressions and subpar lyrics.  It’s insanity.

There’s always going to be a battle between which era had the best music.  Fortunately, this generation’s music won’t even be considered in the conversation with their dumpster fire.

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