Vacation Week

Sorry but I’ve been out of town on vacation all last week.  I should’ve updated something but I decided to fall back and enjoy myself for a week, away from all the work and stress.

That worked out great because I ended up getting sick the day after I flew in.  So that went well.  Not that I can complain too much because I was still able to function properly, just not on all cylinders.  I don’t think I work on all cylinders normally so I guess there’s nothing new.

I’m really trying to recall how I could’ve picked up a sickness.  I mean, I was only on a compact penis-shaped vessel packed in with other germ infested nomads.  I also rode about 12 different roller coasters at Magic Mountain in a matter of hours and got a headache so that probably didn’t help much.

What an adventure out on Southern California though.  It was jam packed full of fun things, going to the beach, to show off my one pack abs and glowing white hot paleness for all the ladies, and strolling around Disneyland to reminisce on all the times I went as a kid.

I did get to take a nice drive through my old stomping grounds in San Bernardino.  It hasn’t changed too much.  I saw my old house and the elementary school I went to.  I saw the baseball field where I used to dominate first base at in my Jordan sneakers.  Who plays baseball in Jordans?  This guy does.

I’ll talk a little bit more about some of the things I saw while I was out there this week.  It was definitely an interesting trip, as it always is in California, home of the weirdos.  Side note, not everyone is a weirdo out there.  Just most of them.  I did see a girl with “She is God” tattooed on the side of her head.  If that doesn’t sum it up, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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