Trees Fight Back

Crack kills.  Drugs are bad.  And other cliché slogans to specify how horrible people react to things they put in their body.  For instance…

I was driving down the road and saw this old black dude walking on the sidewalk, stop in front of a tree, and put his dukes up like he was trying to fight the tree.  I don’t know what the tree said but it got that dude all fired up.  From the brief moment that I saw him, he squared up, started bouncing on his toes, and took a swing at the tree.

I have to give the tree props though.  He took the dudes’ punch like a champ.  Didn’t even phase him one bit.  From what I could see in the rearview mirror, the dude kept throwing jabs.

I guess the tree wasn’t having any of those shenanigans.  The tree stood his ground and stayed in the pocket, not being intimidated by the old dude.

After I picked up lunch, I drove back down the street and saw the same old dude sitting in front of the tree.  I guess they made up from whatever disagreement they had.  Looks like the dude tired out and had to take a break.  I guess he messed with the wrong tree!

Again, drugs are bad.  Think twice before you pop a pill.  You could end up fighting inanimate objects and getting your butt whooped!  Trees don’t play no games and don’t take no crap.

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