Today’s Music Sucks

Music today sucks.  I mean, it’s god-awful and essentially dreadful.  The lyrics are terrible.  The singers are terrible.  Just across the board music sucks.

Maybe I should add on that “mainstream” music sucks.  I think for the most part humans are dumb anyway so maybe the artists are smart enough to recognize they’re dumb and cater to the dummies.  Hence, the horrible dumbed down music.

I’m sure there are some really awesome bands and music getting put out into the world but the masses don’t hear it because it’s not dumb enough to stream on the radio.

Maybe I’m just an old fart now but I rarely turn on a radio station in my car.  I tend to use Pandora and listen to the Jim Gaffigan channel.  In fact, when I do feel like listening to music, I listen to instrumental music, mainly with just a piano involved.  I’ve evolved into realizing that music isn’t just something you hear but more something you feel.  And I don’t want to feel dumb by listening to the lyrics of some garbage on the radio.

There are hardly any people, mainstream, that I even would listen to.  All the artists I follow don’t get any radio airplay.  And that’s just fine with me.  Those radio airwaves aren’t touching these eardrums.  There’s only a few artists I really admire that are mainstream, probably not by their own fault, but Ed Sheeran is one.  That dude is nasty on the guitar and is an amazing singer.  I respect that dude.

Then there’s bums like Katy Perry; average voice, stupid lyrics (do you ever feel like a plastic bag?).  No Katy, I never feel like a plastic bag floating in the wind.  Seriously, that’s the best reference you could come up with about being knocked around in life?  That whole lyric is doodoo. She’s also terrible at dancing too.  Some people make it easy to dislike their music.  The only thing going for her is she’s hot!  But I guess that makes up for a lot of the other lackluster attributes.

What do you think?  What kind of music do you listen to and why?  Leave a comment and let me know…