The Walking Dummies

If driving is any sort of indication of people’s intelligence, or lack of it, then walking has to be next on the list.

People walk just as bad as they drive.  There has to be some correlation to it.  Have you ever been in a crowd walking behind someone and they just suddenly stop, forcing you to detour your path to avoid collision?

What the hell happened?

Why slam on the brakes so suddenly?  Especially when there’s no one in front of you. Pull off to the side of the road if you’re going to do that.  Make an exit to stage left and do us all a favor and not stop the flow of traffic.

I don’t understand why people don’t realize there may be someone behind you walking at the same pace!  People just don’t pay attention to anything anymore.  I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents involving running into poles.  It’s a shame people aren’t attentive to their surroundings.  Most of the time people are looking down at their phones and wandering around aimlessly.

If I were a businessman, I would invest in spinal care stocks.  I bet doctors who specialize in spines are making a killing off all these Quasimodos hunched over looking at their handheld devices.  That’s why people don’t pay attention because they’re all looking down.

I’ve actually seen people run into each other at the mall before.  I suppose that’s one way to start a conversation with this distant dummies.  As close as we’re all connected nowadays, we’ve become so far apart from each other.  I’m surprised concussions aren’t a bigger issue today just on a casual level from this lack of attention to walking.

I always wonder what people are actually looking at on their phones when they’re walking, or even standing in line at Chipotle waiting to order their food.  What could possibly be that important to look at while you’re standing there?  I saw one poser watching a video on how to make the perfect

I don’t think anyone stops to smell the roses in life anymore.  Maybe they googled roses and found some to look at on their phone.  Eventually our phones are going to omit smells and then people might start smelling roses.

Anyway, back to people being horrible at walking…

If we’re using the same model for driving as we do walking, then you also have the invalids who refuse to move over to the right to let the faster walkers go by.  You may not be in a hurry…but the guy who just dumped a plate of the local mall’s General Tso chicken into his stomach and now has the Hershey squirts and is rushing to the bathroom might be.

You gotta think about these things people!