My First Post

So I started a blog.  Actually in my mind I started it about 10 years ago.  Are you now assuming that I’m a giant procrastinator?  You most certainly would be…partially correct.  I mean, I just wasn’t sure who the hell I was to even put a website/blog with MY name on it.

I still really don’t but better now than never I suppose.  I have a very different…well, let’s say unique…opinion and perspective of planet earth and all its inhabitants.  If you know me, you know my attention to detail in spotting human stupidity.

There’s never a shortage of dummies roaming the earth doing dummy things.  Just think…right now, someone is pushing on a door that says pull.  Someone is at a stop sign waiting for the light to turn green.

I wanted to start a blog because I love to write, have a knack for it, and felt compelled to describe the events that happen during my life that just cause me to shake my head.  I’m fairly confident that I’m an excellent writer and comedic storyteller…but I’m absolutely dreadful at orally narrating these stories.

At some point I thought I could be a comedian.  Not as a choice of career but just as someone who could make people laugh.  I’ve put in enough situations where I was telling a joke and I completely bombed the punchline.  So, now I just write.  It’s kind of like if you can’t do, teach.  Or something like that…

Any way…so here I am.  I know this is not technically my first post I’ve ever written but as of now, on this website, it is.

This is my personal blog and will be filled all the stories that come across my plate at earth’s dinner table.  I hope whoever decides to stick around read all of my insanity will enjoy my attempt at being humorous.

Cheers to happy reading!!


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  • Tricia

    September 20, 2017

    I like it! Now, regale me with stories.