My Bad Knees

So let me get this straight…

I have a bad knee that keeps me from running and doing cardio exercises and now I’m overweight because of it, but in order for me to get back in shape and to make my knees feel better I need to run and do cardio exercises?

How the hell am I supposed to do that?

If my knees hurt so bad that I can’t run, then how am I supposed to lose weight to make my knees feel better?  What a catch 22.

The bicycle doesn’t work.  Can’t do the stairs or the stair stepper.  The elliptical machine doesn’t add any relief to my joints while working out.  Swimming is okay…if the gym I went to had a pool.  But even swimming hurts my knee after a while.

I sometimes sit and watch basketball games at the local gym, wondering why the good lord killed my knees too soon and let these other scrubs continue to play ball.  I won’t deny I’m envious of these guys with good knees.  They aren’t any good and they get to run up and down the floor.  I still have game left in the tank but I can barely walk across the gym floor.

I can’t catch a break with these bum knees.  Anyone not using theirs for high intensity aerobic things?  If you’re aren’t using your joints and ligaments I’d like to borrow them so I can play basketball for a couple more years at least.  I’m not ready to be fat and out of shape yet.  I already look like a husband and father of two.

How do I have a dad bod when I’m not even a dad?  If my body looks like this before I’m a dad then I can’t imagine how fat I’ll be if I ever become a dad.  By that time I’ll just have to give up and give in to being a fat guy for the rest of my life.

I suppose I’ve already got to that point.  With these busted knees I can’t really workout like I want to so the weight keeps piling on.  I guess my knees are just going to have to adjust to the situation or suffer for eternity.

The struggle is real!