Monday Morning Motivation

I can be serious most times and when I need to be.  I also know when to be humorous, laugh and joke around.  And I don’t have multiple personalities just an FYI (I don’t think he does!).  I just know that some days I need a little bit more motivation that others and I think about things and some days I just want to be silly like I’m sure we all do.  We all have different sides to us.

I decided I want Monday to be my motivation day, to start the week off with some fire!  We could all use a little encouragement to get us going on Mondays.  I know Monday sounds too close to the word “mundane” but that’s no reason to be in a poopy mood at the beginning of the week.

So here’s my take…

Let’s kick Mondays in the face and go be great out in the world!  We’ve got too many people trying to be average and mediocre and no one gets to be great by being mediocre.

Wake up and smile when your feet hit the floor and remind yourself that you’re alive and breathing because you have a purpose.

I’m going to write some motivational posts, also to remind myself to stay on the path, to keep challenging myself to be better than the day before and go get whatever it is I’m chasing after, so if it hits you too, take it and run with it!

I encourage you to do the same.

Be sure to check back every Monday for a dose of kick ass motivation to get your Monday going!

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