Left Turn, Right Turn, Wrong Turn

I started to notice the other day that I make a lot more right turns when I walk than I do left.  That’s probably why my knees hurt so badly all the time.  My left knee hurts because it’s always broken and needs surgery, and my right knee hurts because I put all the pressure on it to compensate for a weak right knee.   All those basketball years running, jumping, and cutting have given me some of the worse joints a human could have.

I can’t even watch basketball without having recurring thoughts on what would happen if my knee hyperextended.  Have you seen some of the knee injuries lately?  Brings back memories.  You may catch me randomly curling up in a fetal position when I watch sports, just imagining what the pain would feel like if I came down on someone’s ankle or twisted my knee up.

I may take up a science experiment and find out how many more left turns and pivots I make on the right knee than I do the left throughout the day.  I should get a clicker to use for every right turn I make.  Then the pressure’s on to remember to click it.  I can’t remember to bring my wallet with me when I drive to work in the morning so I don’t know how I’ll remember to click my right turns.

There has to be some sort of imbalance between my right and left turns.  I’m a sucker for data but I can just sense that I’ve made more right turns in my life and on a consistent basis.  Actually, why would anyone coin the phrase “I’m a sucker for..(fill in the blank)”?  That can really give the wrong impression or lead the wrong people on.

I’ll have to gather some data on if my hypothesis is correct and that I do take way more right turns.

That’s not opposing the wrong turns I’ve made in my life because God knows I’ve made a ton of those.  I try to keep those to a minimum now but some days are worse than others.