Just My Thoughts

So I had surgery on my knee and it’s kept me off my feet for a substantial amount of time and it’s pissing me off.  I didn’t realize how much having a knee is needed to stay in shape.  I mean, I was already on the outskirts of out of shapeness already but this is putting me completely behind the eight ball on my New Year New Me trend.

I’ve been laying around the house all day, eating the same crap I did while I was active and now the poundage is aggressively appearing in my gut.  Shirts don’t fit the same anymore.  It’s getting harder to suck in my stomach all the way when a pretty girl walks by.  I’m getting the dad bod before becoming a dad…which is not likely to happen any way…but still…I’m getting incredibly fat and I just don’t like it.

The bad thing is I can’t stop eating crap.  Like right at this very moment I have a craving for some greasy General Tso’s Chicken from the hole in the wall China restaurant down the street.  I’m going to get some after I’m finished writing this but that’s the problem.  I’m starving and have these pregnancy-like cravings all the time.

I guess I’m just an emotional eater.  I’m bummed I can’t get up and move around like I want to so I ease the pain and sadness by gorging myself with the wonderful delicacies of Fast Food.

I know once I’m able to function properly in the lower region that I’ll have a long road to get back to skinny.  But…I don’t know if I’m up for the challenge.

Abs are overrated.  I wasn’t sexy or appeasing to the eye when I had them so there’s no need to go back to that.  In fact, I’ve never been sexy.  I suppose that’s the best.  Not sure I want to procreate and pass on my combination of genes to a future me.

But that’s just my thoughts…

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