I Couldn’t Work in Fast Food

I couldn’t work in fast food.  People are too picky, snotty, and rude.  I would probably get fired the same day if I had to take orders in the drive thru.  I get irritated with people in the drive thru and I’m not even working there!

I can’t imagine listening to an order that goes something like this…

“Uhhh, yea, lemme get that ummm, number four combo, with no cheese, add onion, light mayo, hold the sesame seeds on the bun but i still want the sesame seed bun, extra lettuce, and make sure that lettuce is crispy too.  Oh and lemme get that Diet Coke with light ice, easy on the diet, and some fresh fries.”

I would literally stab myself…well, more likely I’ll just walk out and head to the unemployment office.  People are absolutely ridiculous.  I know I’m picky but when I go through the drive thru I get what’s on the menu without diversion.  Some people’s demands are horrible.

Can you imagine how long it would take to prepare that person’s meal?  I can see the people in the back scrambling to make it happen in the two to three minute window that McDonald’s likes to abide by.  I bet those people back there talk trash all day long about some of the patrons that make appearances at the drive thru.  I don’t know how fast those guys can work but I’m not waiting in the car line for this picky mofo.

I hardly even attempt the drive thru anymore any way.  I typically just walk in and order my meal, mostly because I’m never sure what I want right away so I can look at the menu longer without being pressured into responding to a loud speaker box yelling at me.

Some of these folks in the drive thru need to understand these detailed orders hold everyone else up.  But I’m sure they don’t care.  People are selfish.  You did me a favor for waiting so long because I decided to just go home and make something myself.

Enjoy your saturated fat hamburger that looks exactly like the sausage patty they put on the breakfast sandwiches!  I hope your fries are stale and you have to get out of your car and exercise to walk your fat ass into McDonald’s and get some fresh ones.