Hurricane Irma

Obviously this hurricane business is devastating and I don’t wish it on anyone, or any natural disaster for that matter, but wouldn’t you think at this point in time with all the technology we have and the advances in science we’ve made that we might have some way to break these things up and lessen the intensity?  There’s got to be someone somewhere working on this.

Maybe if we all pulled out our fidget spinners and spin them at the same time we can create enough of a wind to force Irma to move back out into the ocean because she sees we’re all a bunch of weirdoes with fidget spinners and don’t need this kind of drama in our lives right now.


I know I’m not an expert in anything about weather but neither are these weather people who report this stuff.  All that schooling to get into a gambling career.  Every observation they make is an educated guess.  I could do that and save money on college expenses.  These people are wrong half the time.

That’s one reason I don’t even check the weather when I leave the house.  I typically keep a cold outfit and a warm outfit in my trunk just in case there’s a change in the weather.  Mainly I do that because I live out of the way from the rest of humanity and I don’t want to waste time and gas to go back to the house.  I stay prepared.

How do they name these hurricanes?  In this day and age, with all these folks offended by everything, I’m surprised there hasn’t been one person stepping up to protest the assumption that this hurricane is female by calling it Irma.  How do they know?  Maybe the hurricane is male.  Maybe it’s transgender.  In fact, it may just be non-binary.  I wonder if Irma is offended too.  Maybe that’s why the hurricane is so strong because it was triggered.

Anyway, Irma can go kick rocks and suck on an egg.  Go back out to sea and re-evaluate your life.   And don’t come back. And stay away from Disney too.  We don’t want you here.

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  • mom

    September 11, 2017

    Entertaining, you should be a writer!