Friday Morning Rant

I’m not a big fan of the traffic light family, especially when they’re all against me on my trek to work in the morning.  And it’s always when I’m in a hurry too!  Today especially, I stopped at EVERY light on the way in.  I mean EVERY light.  Not one.  Not two.  ALL of them.  Either the traffic light gods were particularly thrilled to cause me grief this morning, considering it’s Friday, and they wanted me to continue the trend of being irritated at the morning traffic, or I am just that unlucky and left at the wrong time to hit every light on my route.

I want to speak to the dummy who changed the light by my house too.  Whoever it was shortened the timer and it doesn’t stay green as long…and it should stay green longer because more traffic comes through that way and not from the side streets.  But some idiot who sits behind a desk and looks at numbers all day thought it was a good idea to change it.  Poser.

It was probably some douche who just wants to cause more traffic.  I really don’t see the point in why it was changed in the first place?  Traffic patterns didn’t change.  I would know because I drive that road every day!  Every morning I hit that light there’s traffic backed up.  A couple months ago it NEVER did that!  So…some ass clown needs to have a stern talking to and a finger wave from me and the other drivers in my area.

If this is any indication of what kind of expectations we’re getting from the traffic analysts then we’re in for a big irritation once the freeway mess is completed.  The civil engineers need a pay cut for all this tomfoolery.  It’s going to be a madhouse, worse than it already is!  I try to have faith but what I’ve seen from present situations, it has dwindled.  I hope these bozos get their act together and stop making me stop at every stupid light in the morning!