Friday Morning Rant

I’m particularly disturbed by humans in general, but some humans have an uncanny knack for being both terrible at life and not having a clue that they are.  It’s always the invalids who have absolutely no idea why their life is in shambles too.  They haven’t quite figured out that they’re the reason why their life trajectory is pointing to a useless existence and in direct line with complete and utter failure.  I don’t know how you can carry on thinking you’re doing good things when the outcomes of your decisions are always terrible.  I wonder what kind of neurons are crossing each other to cause such a horrible mentality to walk around with.

Humans are just prone to doing dumb stuff.  Think about the lovebirds who get the other’s name tattooed on themselves and then wind up breaking up 6 months later.  Or, speaking of tattoos, the guys who can’t find jobs because they have vulgar art all over their faces.  What are you doing with your life?  Now, I wouldn’t tell that to those kinds of people.  Anyone who is crazy enough to tattoo their face is probably someone I wouldn’t want to get in an argument or altercation with.

You can also never avoid meddling amongst boneheads maneuvering through the lanes of traffic and causing chaos by driving slow in the fast lane.  This is an everyday occurrence.  I know I’ve lost years off my life shouting at people and getting angry over some of these folks patrolling the highways and streets with their blinkers on or the constant brake lights popping up.

I don’t know how people manage to make it through a day sometimes with all the dumbetry.   I’m surprised that some people have made it this far in life.  Surely some higher power must be protecting these brainless carcasses from achieving the final feat of life.  I mean I know I’ve made some terrible decisions but some people have built their whole lives around it.

Sorry, not sorry, to ruin your morning with a meaningless rant… You’re welcome!


Have a wonderful weekend!