Friday Morning Rant

Welcome to Friday again folks!

You can never rant and rave too much about how horrible people are behind the wheel.  Traffic is a perfect example of how inept humanity is in navigating to a destination.  It’s always a joy to wake up in the morning and stare at a sea of brake lights on your way to work.  It makes for a great start to the last day of the work week.

It’s bad enough that most people can’t drive a bargain, but throw in the texters, makeup tutorials, and speedsters and you’ve got potential for a real disaster. Not to mention the weather has been crappy the past few morning.  I suppose when there’s crappy weather you get crappy drivers.  That’s not true.  Every day is a crappy driver day.

I typically take the toll road to avoid traffic on the main highways but recently I’ve been hit with some stoppage further away from my exit.  I’m always baffled when we get up to the point where the traffic starts moving and there was NO sign of anything causing it.  That’s always a headscratcher.  So what were we slowing down for?  Anybody have a guess?  Yea me either.

Maybe it’s Friday the 13th.

Most like just humans being human I guess.

Any way…

Ignore the rant…Enjoy your Friday, don’t walk under any ladders, and don’t cross the path of any black cats.

I’m in Cali all next week so be prepared for good stories!