Friday Morning Rant

I suppose I rationalize too much.  For example, when I make the decision that I need to work out more and eat better so I can lose weight, I typically think of the day I’ll start, which is never the day I make the decision.  So today is Friday…my plan is to start up on Monday just in case the weekend presents some opportunities to gorge my face hole with fattening, yet tasty, wonderful greasy food!

Last weekend, on a Saturday, I decided I would start Monday as well.  I put in a good workout at the gym that evening, throwing some weight around on the bench press (gym talk), and stopped by Publix to get some healthy options for meals.  I must say I did do a good job…minus the Fruity Pebbles with Marshmallows, which Publix is the only place that sells that.  I got several packages of chicken thighs, some yogurt, and a bag of mandarin oranges.  Somewhat health I suppose, at least in my eyes.

The next day I end up eating the entire package of chicken, cooked of course.  And I was still hungry after that.  So now, not only do I have to think about what I eat, I also have to think about how much I eat of it.  What a complicated endeavor!

So after I devoured all the chicken I still ended up caving in and eating Taco Bell for lunch…and then chic fil-a for dinner.  Oops.

So I rationalized by saying, well I need to reevaluate my eating habits so I’ll start tomorrow.  Then tomorrow becomes the next day.  And then the next day becomes  never.

Now basically I’m accepting of my overweightness and plan on being overweight until I can rationalize how not to be rational.  I do wonder if that even makes sense and I’m using the right word.  I saw a guy use it in a YouTube video about eating healthy and thought it would make me sound intelligent to use the word.

Ultimately, it sounds like my destiny is to be overweight and eventually a fat guy.  I just wonder how long my knees will hold up and start screaming at me for neglect.  It’s already happening.