Don’t Listen to Old Ladies

I was talking to this old white lady seated next to me on the plane flying to McAllen, Texas, asking her about the area, places to eat I should try since I’m visiting, and areas I shouldn’t go to so I don’t get kidnapped.

She prompted me to stay clear of Reynosa because she’s heard of a lot of problems happening there.  I surely made notes on my iPad to avoid that part of town.  But when I looked it up on Google Maps it shows Reynosa being in Mexico.  Well of course I’m not going there.  It’s in a different country and I don’t have my passport.

I asked another guy about Reynosa and he said you don’t need a passport to visit.  Sure…I’m not taking any chances even if that were the case.  With my luck I wouldn’t make it back across the border and would find Reynosa as a permanent home.

No thanks.  I saw Man on Fire and I definitely am not trying to get kidnapped and held for ransom.  I would definitely be the wrong person to kidnap anyway.  I am a single guy with no attachments.  Unless they want me to have my Disney collection brought to their door, I don’t really have anything else I could offer for my freedom.  So either I’m stuck or dead.

Needless to say I am not going to be visiting there.  I don’t know why that old lady even brought that place up.  How about an area that’s in the United States that I need to avoid?  Like Compton or Chicago.  Not Alberta or Juarez.  Maybe she’s been there before and had a bad experience. Although, a few coworkers have said it’s a tourist place.  Maybe the border patrol is lenient on going over there and coming back.

I’m good though.  I think I’ll just stick to work and the hotel.  Now that thought of danger is in my mind, I’m even hesitant to go out after the sun goes down.  Not that I would even hit on a girl but what if I did and that girl is the sister of some dude in the cartel?  I’m dead meat!  No thanks.  I’ll stick to just patrolling the aisles at Target like I do back home and eating at the franchise spots.  At least I know there won’t be much trouble there.  Maybe an occasional argument over the last tub of detergent on sale between two soccer moms.

I’d watch that though!


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  • Kristin

    September 22, 2017

    Very amusing!! I might have to start strolling around Target too, sounds like fun!
    Great Read!