Catfish: The TV Show has been on for 7 seasons.  That’s entirely too long for me to comprehend that humans are still getting scammed online.  If you have seen the show, and have a basic understanding of how Google works, then you should not be getting catfished.  Even if you have the slightest suspicion that something is awry, then you’re being catfished.

I’ve seen about every episode on MTV and it’s comical how aloof some of these folks are.  How dumb can these people be to be so gullible at life?  Do these dummies have any capable and properly functioning brain to identify the tell signs that something isn’t right?

If you’ve tried to meet this person and they keep creating excuses, you’re being catfished.

If you haven’t talked to this person on the phone or they won’t Facetime you, you’re being catfished.

If you’ve communicated with this person for more than a month and none of this has occurred, you’re being catfished…or you’re dealing with a psycho…or both!

Every person on the show seems to have some sort of mental disorder.  They have to!  To be this stupid is truly a curse.  It’s mostly these young people who are involved in these stupid personal dilemmas so I can kind of understand how this happens because young people are stupid.

Do you really need to call Nev and Max to get the scoop on if someone is who they say they are?  How do you fall from someone you’ve never met?  How do you say you love someone you’ve never met?

I just have tons of questions for these imbeciles.  Why?  Why?  What is wrong with you?  These people need to be registered mental hospital occupants.  These are people that have jobs and frolic amongst us.  Well, they might spend most of their living moments buried in their bedroom forming unhealthy relationships with people on the computer that aren’t who they say they are.

But that’s normal right?  What the hell, what’s normal today anyway?  Maybe I’m the one who’s lost a brain.

Keep up the catfishing people!  It makes for great entertainment with humanity’s bottom feeder crowd.

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