California Here I Come

So in a couple of days I’m headed to Southern California for a week, mainly to attend my cousin’s wedding in Fresno.  I’m not much for weddings as I find them awkward and unappealing.  The whole event itself seems ridiculous and overpriced.  I know I’m being ridiculous myself thinking about finances during a time of supposed celebration but that sounds like an expensive purchase.  I can’t imagine being the father of the bride and having to pay for all of that.  Enjoy Uncle Joey!

But I respect it.  I get that people want to celebrate their accomplishments in love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives with another human and enjoy their daily bathroom routines and habits.  Hopefully by the time you’re wanting to marry someone you’ve accepted all of their idiosyncrasies.  Sounds like a big task to take on if you ask me!

But…I guess if you love someone then that’s what you do.  I can’t say I wouldn’t be the same way.

I’m not like super excited to attend a wedding in general.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t really been invited to too many.  I mean I’ll go if asked but I wouldn’t feel left out if I got skipped over on the invite list.  I’ll just send my condolences and a gift card to Target or something.   If there’s a need for me to sneak a peak of the events I’ll just check out the pictures on Facebook.  Everybody posts everything to Facebook…especially important events like a wedding.

I’m looking to forward to it though even if I’m sounding like a miser.  I haven’t seen my dad’s side of the family in years and it will be nice to see everyone.  Last time I went out there it was for my other cousin’s wedding.  Seems like we only get together to watch people get hitched!  Before you know it I might be next…errr…definitely not going to happen!

Till next time…

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