Bread Sandwiches

So after a good week of eating greasy and wonderful breakfast tacos and splurging on big dinners, I’ve decided I need to balance that with a week of a solid healthy diet to make up for all the junk I ate the week before.

It’s really hard to lose weight though when food is good!  I can’t imagine a day going by without food.  I guess more importantly because I’d starve…but food is like my best friend!  Even when it disappoints because it tastes terrible, it still fills me up with joy!

I decided the best situation right now is to stick to a strict diet of bread sandwiches and organic water.  This should help a good bit on the fast track to getting back in shape.  I know I talk about being fat a lot now but I do have this one upper ab that’s hanging on for dear life.  It’s only really noticeable when the light hits me a certain way.  Otherwise any layman’s eye would consider me to be an above average fat hoarder and a below average fitness level.

You can’t really go wrong with bread sandwiches.  I mean, all it consists of is two pieces of bread between two pieces of bread.  Carb-o-licious!!  No meat, no cheese, no mayo, no mustard.  Just straight bread on top of bread!  Yumm!

Add that to a nice healthy glass of organic fat free water and you have yourself a low calorie delightful treat!  Goes well with air crisps.  That’s just pretending to eat chips when the air is crisp and ripe for breathing.

If you’re trying to lose weight like I reluctantly am, and also have been doing a poor job, might I interest you in a bread sandwich?

If you have other options feel free to leave them in the comment section and let me know if there’s something I should try.