At a Loss For Words

Are people ever at a loss for words when they say “I’m at a loss for words”?  Surely you’re not at a loss for words though if you’re writing or saying that you’re at a loss for words.  Because typically after that phrase comes a bunch of other words to describe you’re loss for words.  I’m never at a loss for words.  I always have something to say even if I’m not saying anything.  It’s not that I’m at a loss for words.  It’s that I have so many words running through my brains that it’s difficult to pick which ones I want to protrude from my mouth.  If you were truly at a loss for words you wouldn’t have anything left to say, including “I’m at a loss for words”.

Has anyone else ever thought about that?

Runs through my mind whenever someone says it.  Now, I understand most people say it in the context of something bad happening but still.  The phraseology doesn’t work here.  It can’t be “a loss for words” because no one is ever at a loss for words as long as their brain is functioning.  They might be “at a loss for speaking any words” but no one says that.  Even if that phrase is so, and you say that, you’re still speaking words.

The only time I could think of truly being at a loss for words is if I go up and talk to attractive women.  Put me in that mix and I’ll be completely dumbfounded and without a thought in my mind what to say.

But “I’m at a loss for words” all makes sense now.  It sounds nice.  It sounds poetic and sympathetic at the same time towards those who’ve had a bad situation come their way.  I surely do not want bad things to happen to anyone.  But my question is how did we come about this phrase and some of the other ridiculous phrases we use that don’t make any sense?

Some bozo thought of the phrase and made it popular because other bozos believed in it and carried on with it, convinced a third level of bozos to believe it too.

The moral of the story:  Don’t let the majority convince you of the truth they believe.  And don’t believe you’re ever at a loss for words.