Who is Kenny Ruby?

This cornball right here below…

I’m just a tall, pasty, awkward middle aged white guy who loves Disney, basketball, and the Big Bang Theory.  My nose is crooked, I’m getting fatter by the month, and I’m vampire pale.  I’m also a big goof and get nervous talking to pretty women.  This picture doesn't really do me any justice on that description but I tried to find the best picture to make me look somewhat presentable.

Below is my all american good ol’ wholesome picture of me with my wife, my 2.5 kids, and my dog in front of our white picket fence…


Exactly!  I don’t have any of that, and don’t plan on it any time in the near future.

I more or less write about my life experiences and the humans that are involved.  As long as there are earth dwellers roaming the planet, I’ll always have a topic to discuss or a failure to report.

I tend to draw my inspiration and angle of criticism from the likes of George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan, and John Mulaney.  If you don’t know who any of these people are then you won’t like this website.  I suggest you put on your magician’s hat and disappear.

I have been referred to as the young Andy Rooney before…minus the bushy eyebrows and the old face.

I probably sound like some sort of curmudgeon in my writing.  I've been told my perspective sounds like that of an old irritated man.

By the way, if you are easily offended and don’t have a sense of humor, you have found yourself in the wrong place and my suggestion is to kindly find the nearest exit and have yourself a wonderful day with your lack of humor and personality.

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Leave comments and show me some love.  Spread the word folks!  The goofy guy is here!

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